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Happy, secure, wanted: the Livability effect

December 10 2021

 width=Have you thought about giving to charity for Do Good December? David and Julia did just that when David’s son Andrew attended a Livability residential school. They tell us why they chose Livability.


Tell us about Andrew…

Andrew was deprived of oxygen at birth, leading to cerebral palsy, and the doctors weren’t sure he would make it. Andrew never felt sorry for himself – he had a real zest for life and a cheeky personality. He was included in everything we did: trips to the races, looking at cars, going to the pub.

When Andrew’s mother passed away, I realised Andrew and I were going to need help. There was only me, and I needed to work. Our social worker signposted us to a Livability residential special school in Wiltshire.

We quickly realised that Andrew was in safe hands. The school’s staff were so in tune with the young people – everyone was included and treated with respect and dignity. Andrew was happy and thriving and enjoyed wonderful adventures, like school trips to France.

I wanted to help these adventures continue and I was able to financially support a new minibus. I also kickstarted the school’s respite programme so that other young people could have the same experience as Andrew, even if only for a short time.


You’ve both remained passionate Livability supporters – why?

The staff are just incredible. That same caring ethic that Andrew experienced has never gone away. It takes a special kind of person to get caring right – something we’ve seen time and again when we visit Livability.


*Livability was created in 2007 by a merger between The Shaftesbury Society and John Grooms. Livability now runs Victoria School and FE centre Nash College.

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