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Give another person their life back

June 16 2023

Give another person, like David, their life back 

Brain injury from stroke or trauma can occur suddenly and be life-changing. You can make a difference today with your generous gift. Please help Livability provide therapies and expertise to restore the lives of individuals like David.

You can support more people like David in building a brighter future.

His medical team recommended Livability Icanho, our specialist centre for brain injury rehabilitation. David says, ‘I was told rehabilitation at Livability Icanho would allow my brain to settle and my condition to be thoroughly assessed. So when the day came, I was looking forward to it.’

The results were so positive that less than a year after his stroke, David resolved to take up running again. Since then he’s gone to complete three marathons, including running with his son Ben. With your gift today, you can support more people like David to get back their lives and their hope.  

Please give today and turn a life around. 

Expert therapies and care are vital for someone after a brain trauma. Help make a difference today and transform despair into a brighter future.

As a charity, we depend on kind supporters like you so we can continue to provide expert services like these at Livability Icanho. By making a gift today, you can help many more people like David find the support, strength, and hope they need to regain their lives.

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