Miss Fisher's story

Miss Fisher was working as a nurse at Barts and wanted to do something in addition to her work. Barts surgeon Mr Nash asked Miss Fisher if she might be interested in joining the Trustees at the Shaftesbury Society – and she said yes. She was Chair of Trustees from 1995-1998, when she ceased active service but continued as a supporter.

When we asked Miss Fisher what particular areas of our work she is most interested and passionate about, here’s what she had to say:

‘I think it’s just the whole approach to people with any sort of disabilities and the way the charity has developed.

Miss Fisher also shared with us what inspired her to leave a gift to Livability in her Will:

‘It’s a big concern, with all these cuts to services that should be being provided. Ideally this charity shouldn’t have to exist and you want to get to the point where it no longer exists, but for all the time it is necessary , hopefully you’re plugging these holes.

‘Families who have a child with disabilities have to go through too many loops and hurdles, which ends up being one battle after another, and it’s that which you want to get rid of.

‘If you’re not personally involved with someone with a disability, you don’t know much about it. Nowadays, it should be a bit different. People don’t know how to approach people. They talk over them. I always remember that someone was making a cup of tea for the person in the wheelchair and asked the person behind the wheelchair ‘does he take sugar’ and in fact he could perfectly well answer the question. People all of a sudden don’t know how to talk to you, it’s quite extraordinary.

‘Livability is a Christian organisation with a good Christian ethos that works with disadvantaged people who are people first and disabled second .

‘I’ve always supported Livability and I’m keen for the work to continue. I think the original ethos has remained very strong and I hope it continues.’

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