Gisela's story

Mrs Gisela Brownscombe, a former secondary teacher and now primary school governor, shares her reasons for leaving her gift for the future.

‘My husband and I decided to choose a few charities who we support financially once a year and some others that we’re going to leave money to in our Wills. We chose Livability because they work with people with disabilities, they are a Christian charity, they provide residential care and they make people with disabilities feel valued in society.’

‘We as a family had to deal with discrimination and the way people looked at people with disabilities – they weren’t really part of society. I like the fact that Livability works very much on inclusion, to break down the barriers between people with and without disabilities. I think that’s really important. My son is now in his mid-40s and things have changed a lot since he was born. His disability is cerebral palsy – it’s affected his body very badly, but not his brain. He’s very bright – he’s got a PhD. My son is quadriplegic and can’t even pour himself a glass of water. He lives on his own, but as he gets older, that will not be possible. I think Livability’s residential homes are really essential, where people can help each other and live together in communities, and contribute. If I could change one thing for people with disabilities, it would be to bring them into a community, even if it’s a small community of just the house they live in, because people can be so lonely on their own.’

Mrs Brownscombe continues: ‘I think it’s lovely that you keep us in touch with what’s happening and we very much enjoy coming to Livability Christmas celebrations, at St Martin in the Fields and the Rose Fellowship celebration. I think Livability is a really good cause and you do things really well.’

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