Gifts in Wills - your stories

Gifts in Wills make up over half of our voluntary income as a charity. They make it possible for us to reach and support some of the most vulnerable children and adults in the UK – and provide the practical and emotional tools they need to thrive. People consider Livability in their Will for a wide variety of reasons, all of them personal and meaningful. Here are just some of their stories.

Julia's story

Julia Brooker became a dedicated supporter of Livability after she experienced first-hand the difference that specialised equipment and respite care can make to disabled people and their families.

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Miss Fisher's story

Miss Fisher was working as a nurse at Barts and wanted to do something beyond her work. That juncture was a Mr Nash – a surgeon there who asked Miss Fisher if she might be interested in joining the Trustees at the Shaftesbury Society, forerunner of Livability.

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