Ability Sunday

This event takes place throughout September

This year’s Ability Sunday takes the theme of pilgrimage. In a year of pandemic and lockdown, we are so aware of the journeys not made – whether commutes to work, visits to family or summer holidays. But the tradition of pilgrimage offers us a different kind of journey – a soul-journey.

We will explore many important features of pilgrimage – the importance of packing light, of choosing good travelling companions, and of bravely stepping out into a new journey with God. We also consider how to avoid the weariness of travel.

Our Bible teaching comes from the story of the road to Emmaus in Luke – a study of what it takes to change direction in life’s journey. Throughout this year’s theme, we will be thinking about people with disabilities and how we can work together to overcome barriers and journey together with God.


How to take part in Ability Sunday: A Pilgrim Journey 2020

Livability invites you to join Ability Sunday and ask you to use your abilities to support our essential work providing care, education and rehabilitation to disabled and vulnerable people across the UK in a variety of ways.

Find out how to get involved here – www.abilitysunday.org.uk >

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