Ability Sunday - save the date

Livability’s Ability Sunday is your church’s opportunity to recognise and celebrate inclusion and diversity in your congregation. This year’s Ability Sunday theme is ‘connectability’.

Churches are invited to mark Ability Sunday on or around 21 November – you can pick a date that suits your church best.

Why ‘connectability’?

The pandemic revealed how much we all need and rely on being connected to others – something that came sharply into focus when restrictions meant we couldn’t interact with others as usual. Together – disabled or not – we realised how essential human contact is to us, contact we often take for granted.

Livability staff across our services went above and beyond to find new ways for the people with disabilities we support to stay connected, often needing to overcome additional barriers that disability can pose.

Ability Sunday 2021

Our vision for this year’s Ability Sunday is for churches to reflect on, highlight and boost the importance of connectability. Connectability means much more than a one-off event – it means bringing together people of all abilities and ensuring they remain connected with their communities, no matter what challenges they face.

Through the pandemic, we learned so much about different ways we can all connect. Let’s use Ability Sunday to ‘build better’ as a church and as a community, and embed ways to grow connectivity in our congregations, so no one is left isolated.

How does my church get involved?

You can register your church’s interest in Ability Sunday 2021 here.

We will acknowledge your registration and in the run-up to November 21, we will email you items to support your Ability Sunday-themed service, including:

  • A short email series to help you plan your Ability Sunday service
  • Prayers you can feature, from people with disabilities who are supported by Livability, including video and written prayers
  • The opportunity to receive our connectability-themed Prayer Diary, Sept/Dec issue, for further prayers and stories about the value of being connected
  • Our good practice guide, designed to help your churches connect with people who live or work in social care settings in your community.

Your church is invited to take an Ability Sunday offering for Livability, which means we can enable the people we support to overcome barriers to staying connected, whether through assistive technology, community activities, trips or visits with others.

Individual donations would be hugely valued and appreciated too.

Hear more about Ability Sunday on the Torch trust show, Reflections:

To find out more, register here.

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