Christmas Celebration

We are excited to invite you to Livability’s Christmas Celebration 2021 – this year we’ll reflect on the opportunities we provide in our work for the people we support to develop skills and abilities.

This event will share the stories of the people we support and the gifts and talents that have been discovered or developed this past year, nurtured by the staff, as we aim to support every child, young person and adult to fulfil their ambitions.

This online celebration of Christmas and gifts will be filled with seasonal joy featuring special celebrity guests and musical artists, plus very special performances from the people we are so proud to support across Livability services and schools.

Join us to sing traditional Christmas carols from the comfort of your home on 16 December from 7pm–8pm.

So mark the date in your calendar, hang the decorations, dig-out your Christmas jumper and join us for a fun, festive evening!

People with disabilities still face significant barriers when it comes to accessing education, learning new skills and finding work. In fact people with disabilities are twice as likely not to be in work compared to non-disabled people. Also 1 in 3 people see people with disabilities as being less productive than people with disabilities. These disadvantages and prejudices can result in low self-confidence and a lack of expectations and achievement.

With the added disproportionate impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on people with disabilities’ wellbeing, it is now more important than ever that people with disabilities are supported to develop new skills and achieve their goals.

At Livability we see what people with disabilities can rather than can’t do, and so skills development is at the heart of our work. With our ‘nothing about you without you’ approach, our incredible staff team work tirelessly to support individuals to identify where they want to grow, develop and learn and provide the means to make it happen.

Our impact, Livability Hafan-y-Coed

Our impact, Livability Hafan-y-Coed

Livability Hafan-y-Coed, our residential care service in Wales, and is home to adults with learning disabilities.

Skills development is a key part of the service offering at Hafan-y-Coed, helping ensure the continued motivation of people we support and supporting their wellbeing. The staff team support people with disabilities to take part in a range of activities and learn new skills- everything from yoga to t-shirt printing, to volunteering at the local fire station.

Carlos has a learning disability and has been a resident at the service for over 25 years. When he first came to the service he lacked confidence and it is incredible to see how much he has grown. Over the years we supported him to develop new skills, starting with regular horticulture activities and woodwork. This led to Carlos to taking up paid work, now working in a local carwash and at a local McDonalds restaurant which he loves interacting with customers. We supported with the interview process where needed, and encouraged him every step of the way. We also helped Carlos communicate issues he was having at work to his manager, and more recently once restrictions lifted, we helped reassure him on remaining safe on his return to work.
Carlos is also deaf and has speech difficulties. We have supported all residents at the service with speech and language activities to learn sign language so they can communicate with Carlos and other residents who have communication difficulties.


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