Our carers are facing new challenges today

To support everyone who depends on our services, Livability’s Care teams have shown tremendous courage, resilience and creativity this year. But with the pandemic ongoing, every day brings new challenges to make sure the people in our care stay motivated, happy, fulfilled and stimulated.

Research shows that one in ten people with disabilities are afraid to go outside at the moment, compared with one in 25 non-disabled people. And over 40% of people with disabilities are anxious about the virus, compared with 29% of non-disabled people.* We need to keep anxiety at bay, which we can do by using smartphones and tablets to connect the people we support with their loved ones.

But there’s increasing pressure on these. When someone in a care home, for instance, is using a tablet for a remote appointment with their doctor, other people can’t use the tablet at the same time to catch up with their families. We need to purchase more simple-to-use smart equipment that allows for everyone to regularly connect with their loved ones.

The people we support also need physical and mental exercise to keep healthy, promote wellbeing and reduce anxiety and depression.  Restrictions this winter mean we now need more indoor games and entertainment equipment for everyone to enjoy  – like online exercise programmes, puzzles and games. Interactive digital tablets are perfect for this, to help stimulate the people we support, plus they’re practical to keep germ and virus-free in our busy care homes – but they’re not cheap.

You can help with your donation this winter.

At our care homes, like John Grooms Court in Norwich, our Star Carers have been keeping residents happy and motivated.

Our Carers have been helping residents, their loved ones and communities stay connected throughout the year and through every change and challenge. They’ve also stayed on top of fast-changing logistics, from managing stock of protective equipment to preventing residents’ anxiety through organising a range of new activities.

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