Skills for Success

The pandemic has meant increasing challenges for people with disabilities in accessing education and training, learning new skills and finding work. People with disabilities are twice as likely not to be in work compared to non-disabled people.

One in three people see people with disabilities as being less productive than people without disabilities. These disadvantages and prejudices can result in low self-confidence and low achievement. We refuse to have low expectations of people with disabilities but instead work together with the people we support to develop their potential.

To help the people we support develop the skills for success they need, please make your Christmas gift today.


This Christmas, Carlos wants more people to develop skills like he has.

Carlos arrived at Livability 40 years ago with no formal communication, deaf and virtually unable to communicate. Thanks to support like yours, at Livability he found the care, support and skills-training he desperately needed. Today, Carlos is a proud and confident employee at the McDonalds in Aberystwyth, near his Livability Hafan-Y-Coed home. This job has given Carlos a real sense of purpose and he absolutely loves it, especially the sense of independence it gives him.

Supporting people with Skills for Success means helping people discover their talents, develop existing skills and learn new ones, towards a more independent and fulfilling life.

Shaun Jones, Service Delivery Team Leader at Livability Hafan-y-Coed says: ‘I work closely with Carlos and his fellow residents at Hafan-y-Coed residential home, and I want to share with you Carlos’ amazing story of his journey to independence. I hope it inspires you to imagine what your gift can achieve.’

Even before the pandemic, people with disabilities were almost twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people. But with your support we can help redress the balance.

Today, Carlos is transformed from the isolated young man who first arrived at Hafan-y-Coed. Now he wants others to have the chances he’s had to be heard, respected and supported to live the life they choose.

For Carlos, he needed communication skills first of all, and so here at Livability he learned sign-language, and then other skills such as gardening and carpentry. Soon he was making new friends, and taking up volunteering and paid work positions armed with his new skills and his fast-growing confidence.

Through a variety of skills-training activities, together with supportive technology and training, everyone we support can have the individual skills-development plan they deserve, just like Carlos. – but we need your help this Christmas to make dreams like his come true.

Realising his dreams has led him to enjoying gardening and carpentry which has helped him to become the proud McDonald’s employee you see today.

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