With her keyworker Gemma supporting her, Debbie’s life has been transformed.

“Livability helps me live independently, the way I want to live.”

Debbie has Down’s Syndrome and associated learning difficulties. At school, she was picked on, bullied and isolated. Even her friends let her down. Now, as an adult living in one of our supported-living homes, she’s put all that loneliness behind her.

Rejection, isolation, and having no way to express yourself are all barriers to wellbeing that many people with disabilities experience. That’s why we believe inclusion and companionship are vital to living an active and happy life.

But for everyone we support living with disabilities, wellbeing is only possible because of the personal care and professional dedicated support that your gifts make happen.

Today, Debbie’s keyworker Gemma provides that support. “Gemma’s great,” says Debbie. “If I didn’t have support from Livability and Gemma, I’d feel as if I’d been left out and had no one to confide in.”

Your kind gift today can help us keep providing outstanding care.

At a time of rising costs which will impact on all our services, your support can help keep transforming lives.

Having just endured two years of a pandemic, during which our teams worked tirelessly with your kind support, we now face a cost-of-living crisis, the like of which we’ve never experienced before. You can help us keep providing outstanding care.

Thank you, and please give what you can today.