How sensory gardens enhance wellbeing

For the people we support – like Maggie who’s lived at Livability Keefield Close for 30 years, the sensory garden is a fundamentally important part of their lives. Maggie’s epilepsy means she is unable to walk, so instead goes in her wheelchair to a quiet place in the garden to find some calm. Maggie can’t speak, but enjoys taking in the smell of lavender or stroking a velvety leaf with her support worker.

Access to outdoors and spending time in nature are such a key part of the care we give, the therapeutic benefits are undeniable. An effective sensory garden has an intentional blend of natural and lanscaped features, such as different heights and scents to stimulate sight and smell.

Many of the people we care for have complex needs including autism and learning disabilities. Anxiety can be triggered by an unexpected noise, a disruption to routine or confusion, and that in turn can be very stressful for the individual.

A sensory garden is somewhere we can help alleviate that feeling of stress and stimulate any or all five senses in a balanced, calm and constructive way.

Your gift can help enhance the wellbeing of:

> someone living with epilepsy so that they have a calm place to go, to feel the sun and the breeze, and have a story read to them or a nap outdoors in nature;

> a busy, active person who likes to learn or practice skills, who gets pleasure from helping to look after the plants, flowers and herbs in the garden;

> Livability’s residents when their families visit, giving them a beautiful outdoor space within the home’s grounds where they can spend time together, enjoying the flowers, wildlife, water features and variety.


It will take you just one minute to give the gift of wellbeing to someone who needs you.

Your support can help alleviate anxiety, stimulate all five senses, and help the people we care for live a fulfilling, happy life. Please give the gift of wellbeing with your gift today.

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