Our young people desperately want their futures back

Even before the pandemic the UK’s 16-24-year-olds with disabilities were feeling the most isolated of all our population . This past 18 months has seriously interrupted their futures.

Tim, an ambitious young resident at our Livability Treetops care home, was studying to be a mentor and sometimes preached in his local church.

When the UK went into lockdown, Tim’s world turned upside-down. With his studies interrupted and faced with being isolated from his family, peers and friends, Tim, like many people with complex disabilities, found himself looking at an uncertain future.

At Livability, we want everyone we care for to stay connected and to keep their dreams and ambitions alive. I’m sure you wish the same, so if you can give a gift today, you’ll be helping more people like Tim to rebuild their future.

£10 could help a young person we support to develop their skills and pursue a career

£25 could pay for speech generating apps such as Talking Tiles to help young people with disabilities who are non-verbal

£50 could go towards technology enabling the young people we support to keep in touch with their family and friends virtually, reducing isolation

£75 could pay for voice-activated tablets so that the young people in services have greater independence

Your gift could provide specialist personalised care, keeping the young people we support healthy and well

What makes life liveable is never down to just one thing. It’s the sum of many things.

Your support, plus the the hard work and commitment of our frontline staff teams have made it possible for the people in our care to keep connected with friends and family online – and in Tim’s case, with his studies too. Now we need to help them regain their futures.

Your gift could help us purchase speech-generating devices, apps and eye trackers so people with disabilities can stay connected more easily with loved ones and their community.

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