You can give more children like Ella the best start in life 

Four-year-old Ella has Rett syndrome, a rare condition that affects her speech and mobility, and she also has epilepsy. At Livability Victoria School, specialist staff support Ella with her complex learning requirements and keep her safe in a warm, friendly environment.

Sensory solutions, especially toys, are essential in each child’s development, because they open the door to learning. The right toy, for example, can waken a child’s senses so they are ready to learn, or calm a child down to help them focus. Sensory toys are brilliant for promoting cognitive development and improving motor skills such as hand function, body strength and posture as well as interaction and communication.

Sensory play combined with therapies such as physiotherapy, and speech and language, are a key part of each child’s school day.  

To give the gift of joy to children this Christmas, please make your Christmas gift today. 


At Livability Victoria school, Ella uses a range of specially adapted switch-operated toys because she has minimal motor control of her hands. Communication tools, such as Eyegaze, help her to communicate and fully participate in class, using her eye movements to control her computer. 

We want to ensure that every student like Ella can have the a flourishing and high-quality level of education they need and we strive to provide that in all of our education services. Each student should be able to live their lives to the full. With your gift this Christmas, you’ll be helping more students like Ella build the skills in their childhood that they’ll need throughout their life. 

Specialist professional education and integrated therapies mean a bright future for all the children and young people we support. 

We need more specialist equipment to help children keep learning, communicating and participating fully in all that their precious school days have to offer. You can help many more children like Ella with your Christmas gift today. 

The difference your gift can make