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Fullness of Life Together Report

October 15 2015

Thousands of churches around the country are working to support people in their communities, providing activities ranging from food banks and debt advice, to night shelters and job clubs. Church Urban Fund and Livability have many years’ experience helping churches with these activities and are encouraged by the increase in the number of churches involved.


Given the impressive scale and diversity of Christian community engagement, it is all the more important that we continue to reflect upon the nature of that work and its impact.

In this report Fullness of Life Together, Reimagining Christian engagement in our communities we have joined together to reflect on the way in which churches engage with their communities. In it we ask questions about the dominance of service delivery models in Christian community engagement and offer alternatives, drawing on Co-production and Asset-based Community Development.

Using case studies from around the country, theological reflection and questions for discussion we invite Christians seeking to impact their communities to reflect with us on how we might do this in ways that build community and result in life in all its fullness, shared together.

Click here to get your copy of the report

Follow-up events

Read the report and open to reviewing what you do and how you do it?  We’re planning a number of  follow-up events around the country which will explore the issues raised in the report.  These practical events are designed to help those who want to learn more about different approaches to community development which Livability believes better honour the dignity of the individual and of the community and are ultimately more effective for everyone.

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