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Fullness of Life Day focuses on community engagement work

February 24 2016

This week, Livability and The Church Urban Fund invited church and community workers to gather for the conference: ‘Fullness of Life – A Conversation’, which aimed to reimagine ways for approaching needs in their communities. The day has seen the launch of a resource called Building Kingdom Communities, which supports a report called ‘Fullness of Life Together’ by Livability and The Church Urban Fund.

Thousands of churches around the country provide activities ranging from food banks and debt advice, to night shelters and job clubs. In recent months Livability and The Church Urban Fund have been exploring ways to resource churches and local agencies on how they can engage with their communities using an ‘asset-based’ approach.

Rather than adopting a service delivery approach or ‘fix-it’ mentality, the report focuses on the merits of harnessing the strengths and assets present within a neighbourhood.

The conference, held at Livability’s national office, saw around 40 people come together – made up of The Church Urban Fund, local church leaders, community activists and social entrepreneurs. As well as looking into the recommendations from the report, people were able to share personal experiences of working in and impacting on their localities.

Following on from Fullness of Life report Livability and Church Urban Fund has now launched Building Kingdom Communities, a reflection on current challenges faced in community engagement, breaking down barriers between people and enabling transforming relationships.

Churches that are doing stuff in their community – and it helps them do it more effectively. Drawing on real life stories and examples from on the ground delivery, the resource also provides a group with tools for practical theology.

Corin Pilling, Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Communications, lead the day’s programme:

[x_blockquote cite=”Corin Pilling, Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Communications” type=”left”]Today’s event was a great example of community partnership at its best. A real sense of encouragement was generated from meeting churches that are actively engaged with their locality and are seeking to free the assets of people in their area. As delegate shared stories from their own work, we were able to see theory grounded in reality, allowing others to start believing “That’s something we could do!”[/x_blockquote]

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