Founders’ prayers

September 16 2011

Our founders were devout Christians and men of prayer.

May we join the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom in praying for the work and future of our charity.

 width=Lord Shaftesbury

“Open our eyes and touch our hearts that we may see and do – both for this world and for that which is to come – the things which belong to our peace.”

“The time is coming when matters will not be measured by the talent, or the ability, or by fine clothes, or by power to speak, or by being on platforms, or by listening to those upon platforms; but the time is coming when matters will be measured by those who have the truest faith, the deepest love, and the most sincere acts of obedience  to their Lord and Saviour, and most devoted and strong imitation of his blessed example.”
Lord Shaftesbury, 1867

 width=John Groom

“An earnest appeal is made for continued and increased support, so that this Institution may continue to expand, in order that the cry of the poor and afflicted may be heeded, and an even greater number receive the advantages which it offers.
In conclusion I desire to acknowledge our indebtedness to God for all the ways he has led us, and for all the success and blessing which have attended us these many years.”
John Groom, Annual Report 1910

“I am now in my 75th year. I have, since 19 years of age, worked constantly and energetically in this cause. Never strong or of robust health, it has been manifest to all that at least the active part must be undertaken by younger and stronger hands….

“It is a sweet pleasure to be able now, in my declining years, to look back and review the history of these 55 years… to me God has given the rare privilege of sowing and then the reaping of the harvest fruits….

“My prayer is that this work may not simply be permanent, but expand and become more and more helpful in the uplifting of the afflicted… If you appreciate what has been done, do help my successors to do more.”

John Groom, 1919

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