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Flourish at Home: Bringing people together with online art workshop

August 14 2020

This week supporters, artists, staff and people who use Livability’s services came together for an online art workshop, in support of Livability’s appeal: Flourish at Home Art to Fundraise. The workshop provided tips on creating postcard-sized art, including designing a composition with household objects such as bubble-wrap, to create texture and layering.

The workshop invited those of all abilities to paint, craft or draw on the theme of bee-friendly flowers, with the finished works selling online in September, to raise funds for the Livability Flourish wellbeing eco-therapy project.

Coronavirus restrictions mean that Livability Flourish can’t welcome visitors to our wildlife-friendly summer garden at the moment. With many people still unable to connect with others in person, the workshop offered a perfect opportunity for people to share and learn new skills together, an integral element of the Flourish project.

Coming together with art

Emma and Kathy, staff members at Livability Holton Lee, led our very first online workshop for ten attendees, live from the Holton Lee art studio. Artist Marjorie, who attended, commented: ‘This workshop has been so helpful, it’s given me some excellent ideas to get started on my postcard.’

Dorset artist Maria Burns says she is taking part because she’s seen the value of Holton Lee’s work at first-hand: ‘My dad attended the Flourish project when he had Alzheimer’s and I saw the benefit [to him]. He was a very sociable man so he loved being surrounded by friendly people on the project. My dad always loved gardening, so the Flourish project gave him the opportunity to carry on with one of his passions in a safe way.’

Emma and Kathy highlighted the significance of taking time to make art as a good exercise for our wellbeing. Kathy said: ‘You don’t need to be an artist or spend lots of money on materials; it’s about having fun and being creative with what you can find.’ Emma added: ‘For those who are not artists, a blank canvas can seem daunting, so why not challenge yourself to do a couple of minutes a day to create a new habit, taking time to relax and draw or paint?’

Art to fundraise

‘With the art world having to take a rest during the lockdown, we thought this was good timing to launch an online gallery of artworks that can raise money for the project,’ says Emma. ‘Like many charities, Covid-19 has had a financial impact on Flourish. The artworks will be available for sale during September, when we would have normally hosted our annual community fair, now postponed. This offers an opportunity for new and old friends and supporters of Holton Lee to support us in a different way.’

Get inspired

Do you want to get involved in Art to Fundraise and see your artwork exhibited on an online gallery? The closing date for your postcard entry is 24 August 2020 and artwork will be on display until the end of September.

Find out how to take part here. Need inspiration? Watch the workshop replay.


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