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March 12 2021

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Jess, (27) decided to work in social care when she was inspired by the way her grannie was so well cared for. She tells us why working for Livability is so rewarding – and how she’s been supported at work when struggling with her mental health.

What did you do before working at Livability Kenway Court?

Just before then, I was a cleaner for a year. My nan had carers coming in and it gave me and my mum so much peace of mind, and my nan had a really good rapport with her carers. My mum also works in care so I think it runs in the family!

What kind of service is Kenway Court?

We’re a residential care home for up to 24 people with disabilities, including people who need specialist nursing care.

Livability Kenway Court, person we support & enabling support worker

Livability Kenway Court, person we support & enabling support worker

What qualities do you think help to make you a good carer?

I think empathy is important – that’s what I was seeing in my nan’s carers. I love to be able to look after someone well. I have a great rapport with my team-mates, and we all help each other.

How routine is your job?

Well, in a way it’s the same routine, but every day is different. It’s very stimulating, not boring at all and I find it really rewarding. I’m keyworker for two people, so I find out what they like to do. One person loves to shop so, at the moment, we look online and I support her to order what she needs. I liaise with her family – I get on really well with her next of kin.


Tell us how you’ve looked after people’s wellbeing during Covid restrictions?

We had a new resident join us, and of course she had to be in isolation when she first arrived. That’s really hard for someone. I popped in the first evening she was with us and just introduced myself. Then I’ve popped in every day since, even if I’m not on duty with her, to say hi. The other day, she told me she trusts me – that’s what I mean about it being rewarding.

Have you progressed in your career?

I’ve just finished my NVQ level 3, which is a mix of written work and observation on the job by an assessor. I had six months off when I was studying because of mental health problems, and another three months during Covid. I got a lot of support from my managers, Diane and Margaret. I felt I could approach them about my problems. I’d like to apply for the assistant nurse practitioner course next.

Do you feel valued in your work?

Yes, definitely! I feel appreciated and get called into the office to say I’ve been doing well. That’s really great, especially when I just started.

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Jess holding chick


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