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Ability Sunday

10th September, 2017
All around the country

How inclusive and accessible is your church for disabled people?


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At Livability, we believe everyone has strengths, talents and gifts to share. Churches and communities are richer when everyone is taking part. But how many disabled people are missing from congregations across the country, because churches aren’t accessible or inclusive?

Ability Sunday aims to:

  • Help you and your church ensure your church is welcoming and accessible
  • Celebrate the gifts and strengths that each person brings.
  • Consider how to improve access for disabled and vulnerable people
  • Enable those with a range of abilities and needs to take part

What is the biblical inspiration for Ability Sunday?

Livability has a generous and inclusive Christian ethos. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person and the strengths they have to bring. The Bible’s Psalm 139 affirms that each person is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and that Paul’s writing about the body of Christ reminds us that everyone has a part to play (1 Corinthians).

Ability Sunday is about enabling everyone to bring their gifts and their talents.

Where did Ability Sunday start?

You may have already taken apart in Ability Sunday. The campaign began its life as part of the charity Prospects –for people with learning disabilities and has seen over 200 churches UK wide take part. In May 2016, Prospects became part of Livability, through an exciting new merger and Livability are taking the campaign forward.

Why is Ability Sunday Needed?

A recent report called ‘Looking Together – Spiritual Beliefs and Aspirations of People with Learning Disabilities’ examined the importance of the spiritual life and some of the barriers that people with learning disabilities face as they try to practice their religion or spiritual life.

These barriers can include a lack of independence, unwelcoming faith communities, and for those in care settings – tensions with staff beliefs. Ability Sunday is about tackling such barriers and working to make churches true places of welcome for all.


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