Gifts in wills

Having a valid Will in place is important for you because otherwise your money, property and possessions might not be allocated as you would wish.

If you'd like to discuss
including Livability in your will

We rely on gifts in wills for over a third of our income,
so would love to hear from you.

Why gifts in Wills are so important

For many people in our society, being able to take part and feel included in their community is difficult. From benefit cuts, unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, poor health or prejudice, there are all sorts of barriers to a flourishing life. As a charity, Livability is committed to tackling such barriers which so often impact disabled and vulnerable people the hardest.

Thanks to our generous and kind supporters, particularly those who have chosen to include a gift in their Will to Livability, we are able to run a network of services and projects across the UK to help connect people to their communities.

So, whether it’s running a horticultural therapy programme at Livability Holton Lee to enable friendships to blossom, or equipping churches to support the needs of their local community, we believe when people are connected to each other their wellbeing and quality of life is boosted.
All that we do today has only been made possible because of the vision and hope of supporters in the past that chose to leave a gift in their Will to benefit future generations.

Last year, gifts in Wills accounted for over half of the income we received from supporters. So it’s no exaggeration to say that without these vital gifts, we wouldn’t have been able to touch the lives of the all the people that we have seen flourish within our services.

These special gifts will be just as important, if not more so, in the years to come as they are today. That’s why we are asking our supporters to consider including a gift in their Will to Livability so that we can see future generations of disabled and vulnerable people flourish in their communities.

The difference your gift can make

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a life-changing gift. All gifts in Wills, whether large or small, make a real difference. Even 1% of your estate would make a huge difference to the lives of disabled and vulnerable people.

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Everyone who chooses to leave a legacy to Livability helps us to strengthen our long-term future. We’re proud of all the people we support and of what we have achieved within our communities. This is what inspires us to continue striving for more opportunities for disabled and vulnerable people. By leaving a gift in your Will, you will be helping to unlock these opportunities, help new friendships to flourish and create a brighter future. Read more about the difference that our CEO, Dave Webber, sees our work making in the years ahead here.

The real difference we are making, together:

Here are just some of the things that gifts in Wills helped us to achieve last year:

1,000 individuals and families were supported every day by Livability – Livability brings a unique and dynamic offering to the care arena, providing top-quality, person-centred care across a range of services, including residential care, education, supported living, community engagement and wellbeing programmes. With a wide network of staff, volunteers and church partners in the UK, we have at our disposal a huge pool of talent and strength that can do much to support and empower people to enjoy a more liveable community.

270 people were supported in Livability’s residential care homes – All our services, including our 38 residential care homes, are focused on enabling the people that use our services to live full and flourishing lives and to live out the life story that they choose.

97% of participants on the horticultural therapy programme ‘Flourish’ reported an increase in social networks – Through gaining practical hands on experience, skills and knowledge in conservation and horticulture, the aim of the Flourish programme at Livability Holton Lee is to improve participants’ wellbeing, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, skills and motivation.

176 children and young people studied at our schools and colleges – Livability provides educational opportunities for disabled students at Nash College (a further education college) in Bromley, and for those aged 3 to 25 years, at Victoria Education Centre (VEC) in Poole. At the core of both centres’ provision is an emphasis on communication skills, giving students the tools and the confidence to communicate for themselves. This means students start adult life knowing that their story and their experience is valued and can be shared with others.

600 people used our Dementia Friendly Churches training service – Livability works with churches and other local agencies, supporting them to play their part in tackling barriers and working for inclusion. This includes providing audits, training and mentorship services to Christians, Churches and other Christian organisations that will help them to provide dementia friendly practice.

Share Your Story

View and download Livability’s 2015-16 Annual Review - ‘Share Your Story’ to read more about the impact we are making, together.

Making or changing your Will needn’t be complicated, but we recommend you seek the advice of a solicitor to ensure your Will is legally binding.

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Points to consider when making a Will
  1. Work out how much your estate (the value of everything you own less debts/ expenses owed) is worth.
  1. Choose your beneficiaries. These are the people and charities you wish to benefit from your Will. Many people choose to provide for their family and friends first, then leave a percentage or proportion of their estate to Livability.
  1. Name your executor(s). Executors are the people identified in your Will to make sure your instructions are carried out. An executor should be someone you trust – for instance, a relative, a friend or a solicitor. It’s a good idea to check they’re happy to be appointed beforehand.
  1. Visit a solicitor to have your Will drawn up, and to ensure it’s properly signed, dated and witnessed.
  1. Store your Will in a safe place, perhaps with your solicitor, and keep a copy yourself. Tell a relative or close friend where the original copy of your Will is stored.

Some changes in circumstance – getting married or divorced, for example – can affect your Will, so it’s important to keep it up to date.

Updating your existing Will with a gift to Livability

You might be able to use a codicil – a legal document that’s supplementary to a Will – to change your Will to include a gift to Livability, instead of making a new Will.  It’s best to seek advice from a solicitor about whether it would be appropriate to use a codicil.

For more information about making or updating your Will, and the importance of gifts in Wills to Livability, please request a free copy of our Gifts in Wills Guide here.

Christian Legacy is a unique partnership that unites a group of leading Christian charities – including Livability – who are carrying out amazing, life-transforming work.

Christian_Legacy_logoTo help ensure this work can continue in the decades to come, we aim to inspire people to seriously consider leaving one or more of these charities a gift in their Will.

By remembering a charity like Livability in your Will, you can help make the world a better place for future generations. This expression of thankfulness and hope can enable those who will come after you to influence society and change lives for the better.

Gifts in Wills are hugely important to Livability. In fact, they are our largest source of donated income. Improving facilities in our care homes, providing services to enable severely disabled adults to get out and about in their local area, and helping to fund a new hydrotherapy pool at one of our education centres are just some of the ways these special gifts have enabled disabled people to live fuller, more independent lives.

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a life-changing gift. All gifts in Wills, whether large or small, make a difference.

For more information about making or updating your Will, and the importance of gifts in Wills to Livability, please request a free copy of our Gifts in Wills Guide here.

Or call our Supporter Services team on 020 7452 2121 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm).