Doing things by halves

July 9 2021

We are approaching that time of year where we get to hear so many inspirational stories of people taking part in marathons and other challenge events, all in the name of charity.

 width=Runner, Annette, (above) who celebrates her half-century this year has set herself a marathon challenge- running 50 half marathons! We catch up with Annette on her progress so far and why she chose Livability.


Tell us about yourself

I live in Kent and am Head of Food and Nutrition at an independent school. I’m married with two grown-up children and am originally from Australia.

What have you taken on to celebrate turning 50?

I’m going to run 50 half-marathons this year to fundraise for Livability. You can’t turn 50 and do nothing! I’ve done 13 so far.

Why did you pick Livability as your charity to support?

Back in Australia, I have a cousin with learning disabilities who’s been supported by a charity similar to Livability. When I wanted to find a charity place for the London Marathon, Livability was the one that spoke to me.

How long have you been running?

Oh forever, I think I started in my 30s. I’ve run eight marathons for Livability in the past, including one in every country I’ve lived in, so in New York, Sydney and London. But marathons just aren’t feasible without serious training when you get to 50, whereas I can pretty much do two half-marathons in a week, at least in the school holidays.

You must be super-fit …

I am very, very slow and my family say I run like a duck! Running doesn’t come naturally to me but it’s very rewarding. Plus you just pop your trainers on and go.

When has it been toughest?

When the weather was so bad I was wet all the way through, can’t feel anything any more and my Fitbit was so cold it froze!

All the best with the challenge, Annette!

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