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Dignity in Care at Livability

February 28 2023

Livability has launched its own Dignity in Care Charter, the fruit of many months’ of co-production from staff and the people we support. We explain why the charity have taken this important step into practice...

What is Dignity in Care?

Dignity in care means providing care that supports the self-respect of the person, recognising their capacities and ambitions, and does nothing to undermine it. It is aimed at care providers, managers and staff who work with adults.

Laura, a person we support at Livability Kenway Court, told us what makes a good staff member, from her experience:
‘Good listening. For someone to take their time to listen to what you want, how you want it and why. Like when I might come across as fussy and over the top, but when you break it down I have reasons for my many different things that I have as part of my care.’

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) states:
‘It defines the meaning of real, everyday dignity to the lives of people receiving social care, their carers, families and friends, as well as the managers and staff who provide it. In effect, this means all of us. It also shows the links between dignity and key policy issues.’

The CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales) uses the following definition:
‘People’s experience of healthcare is one where everyone is treated with dignity, respect, compassion and kindness and which recognises and addresses individual physical, psychological, social, cultural, language and spiritual needs.’

The RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority) says:
‘The uniqueness and intrinsic value of individual service users is acknowledged and each person is treated with respect.’


Why Dignity in Care at Livability?

Dignity is fundamental to current social care policy. A focus for all adult social care and support was set out in the Care Act 2014. The Act begins by defining the primary responsibility of local authorities as ‘the promotion of individual wellbeing’.

Wellbeing is defined as a broad concept relating to several factors, such as personal dignity, and treating the person with respect, which Livability is historically committed to. In the same way, the emphasis on choice and control through a person-centred approach underpins wellbeing.

What we will do – Livability’s Charter

Livability has zero tolerance of all forms of abuse and discrimination and expects that staff will treat the people we support with dignity and respect. As an organisation, we will work hard to continually self-evaluate and identify areas for improvement, to eliminate both abuse and discrimination.

Click to view Our Promise >

Our promise to the people we support is based on the seven principles of the Dignity in Care Charter. We will ask all care staff in Care Operations to sign the Dignity in Care Pledge and work to those principles set out in the Dignity in Care Charter.

Our steps to Dignity in Care:

  • Provide a personalised service to the people we support by treating each person as an individual.
  • Provide support with the same respect that we would want for ourselves and our families. This includes respecting the right to privacy and upholding confidentiality.
  • Listen to the needs, wants and preferences of the people that we support and enable them to reach and maintain the maximum level of independence, choice and control.
  • Work closely with family members and other people where consent has been given to share information, to ensure we are all providing the highest level of care.
  • Assist people to build and maintain their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Work hard to eliminate the circumstances in which a person supported might feel lonely or isolated.
  • Build professional relationships with the people we support so that they feel able to complain or raise concerns (including safeguarding issues) without fear of any negative consequences for their care.

Our Pledge: how we will do this

We will ensure that work practices live up to the standards set out in the Livability Dignity in Care Charter, by:

  • Treating each person as an individual
  • Respecting others
  • Listening and enabling
  • Engaging with others as care partners
  • Promoting confidence and self-esteem
  • Working to eliminate loneliness and isolation
  • Ensuring people feel able to complain or raise concerns

Useful links:

* https://www.dignityincare.org.uk
* https://www.scie.org.uk/dignity/care

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