Watercolours Flowers by Joanna Sopyto-Firrisa 1 of 4

About the artwork

Created during the lockdown as part of experimenting with watercolour and specific shape of paintbrush. It was really the paintbrush which shape you can see in the purple flowers that inspired me to make these painting. Plus, accidentally bought watercolour sheets and some leftover paints. Sounds very simple but I found a lot of pleasure in doing something I don’t usually do and making it pretty. My daughter followed suit.

About the artist

Joanna enjoys various forms of creative work and often make things with her 5-year old daughter Anna. She often works on simple pieces of art related to Bible verses or prayer and enjoys practical art, like decorating various household items with Bible verses. Most of all, she just enjoys the satisfaction that comes from doing something creative, from writing to painting and mixed media.