'Busy Bumble' by Emily Deakin

About the artwork

The postcard is 15.2 x 10.2 cm, on 140 lbs/300 gsm cold-pressed watercolour paper. The design features two lavender flowers, with a bumble-bee collecting pollen from the larger flower. I was inspired by watching the bees in my parent’s garden, along with fond memories of the lavender bush in my grandparents’ garden, which was covered in bees in the spring and summer.

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About the artist

Emily Deakin is a 22-year-old artist from the south of Dorset and has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She found her love for watercolours whilst completing her A-levels, as watercolours are so portable and easy to use.

She now uses other media, such as coloured pencils and gouache, alongside her watercolour paintings. Her artwork is quite realistic, as her main influence is scientific illustrations similar to those found in reference books. Her portfolio contains a variety of subjects, from fruit to small animals and insects.