'Bee Blossom' by Caroline Parrott

About the artwork

My design was inspired by my little yellow shed where I make all my creations. Situated in our garden amongst the flowers and the vegetables, my shed gets regular visitors from bees. They’re always busy outside my window going about their day and they love the rose blossom in the warm summer evenings. I love having their company whilst I’m working. Sometimes they pop in to say hello, and I’ve made them a little home on the back of my wall by the window to sleep.

This postcard has gone to a new home

About the artist

Caroline graduated from Bournemouth University in 2019 with a first-class honours degree in applied art and design. She began working in her chosen medium of anodised aluminium in 2007. Caroline handprints, with her own unique design, cut into small printing blocks using a lino cutter. She then dyes, using industrial dyes and powder paints, to create a range of jewellery, home and garden accents and sculpture.


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