'Meadow Brown On Thistle' by Andrea Jenkins

About the artwork

In the field called Drapers, before it was cut for hay, the meadow was aflutter with butterflies and moths, as well as many bees and flies. All of them are vital pollinators and essential contributors to the ecosystem we rely on. I was lucky to photograph this Meadow Brown butterfly feeding on little thistle flowers. The colours and richness of the meadow inspired this painting, made with acrylic on watercolour paper, using thin card and a fine paintbrush as tools.

About the artist

Andrea has always worked professionally in visual art, as a practising artist and educator. She trained in Edinburgh and Cardiff and has lived and worked in Dorset for 30 years. Versatile in style and medium, Andrea works with ideas from observation and imagination. She is constantly experimenting with approaches to painting, printmaking and drawing, to create images often inspired by the natural environment close to home, where she walks her dog every day.  Idea and process are interdependent in each series of work and lead to its style, which can range from realism to abstract.

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