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Community engagement

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Preaching at Greenbelt – Becky’s message

15-year-old Becky Tyler impacted thousands of lives when she preached at arts, faith and activism festival Greenbelt earlier this year. Becky, who uses an electronic talker to communicate, took part in a uniquely accessible and inclusive communion service that welcomed over 6,500 people, supported by Livability. We speak to Becky and her mum Fiona about …

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Dementia: changing ‘seldom heard’ to ‘seen and heard’ involves us all

Many in our communities who are lonely and isolated also feel unseen and unheard. This is particularly true for those with dementia and their carers who may have been previously well-connected but begin to lose those connections. Charlotte Overton-Hart, who works with Livability’s Community Engagement Team as Dementia Associate reflects on the struggle we all face in relating to those who are different from us and reminds us that making a difference starts by listening.

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Beyond the ramp – 10 ways to build accessible churches where everyone has something to give

Naomi Graham heads up the accessible church work of New Wine. She outlines ten areas to consider that would make group activities such as church services more accessible to those with additional needs.  From attitude and culture, to sensory processing and inventiveness, this article suggests ways to celebrate uniqueness so that everyone feels like they …

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How was Ability Sunday for you?

Giving everyone the opportunity to share their gifts, strengths and talents is something that Livability passionately believes in – and something that came into sharp focus on Ability Sunday (Sunday 10th September 2017) this year. Ability Sunday invites churches to celebrate the gifts of all – with a special focus on disabled people. It’s about …

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Learning from the Greenbelt communion service – how to turn your service into a truly inclusive gathering

Mat Ray is Head of Church Partnerships at Livability and shares his learning from Greenbelt 2017. I came back from Greenbelt, the annual festival of arts, faith and activism, a week ago. But rather than my normal post-festival blues, I’m still full of joy. There was something special about this year’s event, and not just …

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It all adds up to welcome and wellbeing for homeless people in Huddersfield

Do you ever think about work you have been involved in and wonder if all the effort and investment was worthwhile? Did it make any kind of real, lasting difference to those whose lives you wanted to enhance? I feel privileged to be in a role at Livability where we do often get to see …

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The Greenbelt countdown

We know that what makes life livable is never down to just one thing. It’s the sum of many things. So as one of Greenbelt’s event partners, Livability is delighted to be bringing a number of activities to the festival that aim to helping people make it all add up in their community. Here’s a …

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The art of listening… is also the art of not talking

Being there for someone and really listening to them without feeling the need to come up with answers and solutions is something we can all struggle to do. Maggie Harding, who works with Livability’s Community Engagement team, shares how several recent stories have reminded her of the power of silence. I know I talk too …

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Livening up your life together – how to refresh your team using curiosity, play and creativity

Groups, like people, can get tired and stale. As well as getting rest and refreshment for yourself, it may be time to shake up your meetings and find fresh ways of seeing those you work with – and the cause you share. Corin Pilling offers some suggestions involving curiosity, play and creativity that are guaranteed …

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A carer’s perspective – Ten ways churches can offer more support to carers

One in eight adults in the UK has a caring role, with about 6,000 people taking on caring responsibilities each day. Churches can offer practical support for carers, but don’t always know where to start. While the support that carers value will differ from person to person, a good guiding principle is: always ask the …

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