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Loneliness, mental health & family breakdown – the top issues all churches face

Andy Parnham, Livability’s Community Engagement Wellbeing Advisor, explores a new survey revealing an increase in community engagement by churches in England. The challenges are great, but there’s plenty of research demonstrating that faith and church-going are good for our wellbeing. Livability can help churches address these issues through initiatives such as the Happiness Course – which is designed to focus on wellbeing and build community.

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Dementia and spirituality – we may forget but God remembers

Ruth Young explores the issue of spirituality and progressive cognitive conditions such as dementia, reminding us that this mystery is at the heart of our humanity. We also discover that, as far as Bible is concerned, God is faithful, sees what is hidden and stays close to us even when we have forgotten who we are or lost sight of him.

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Live it out – the best way to learn about community engagement is by doing it

Heather Buckingham is Director of Research and Policy at Church Urban Fund. Sharing her own experience and referring to some recent research of churchgoers in the Midlands, she argues that if you want to grow in your faith and get involved in your local community, there’s no substitute to just getting stuck in.

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What’s the one thing you wish the Church understood about mental health?

‘What one thing do you wish the Church understood about mental health?’ is a question Mat Ray – author of Livability’s Lifting the Lid – has asked people living with ill health. In this article Mat shares his inspiration and hopes for Livability’s new mental health resource for churches. Perfume and taboo breaking As I …

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Let’s change the culture of our churches – by lifting the lid on mental health

David Primrose is a Social Responsibility Officer working in the Diocese of Lichfield. David talked to Livability about his involvement in the development of the new course ‘Lifting the Lid’ which aims to raise mental health awareness in churches. ’I remind everyone that those present on the course are people who are going to change …

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Livability launches new church Bible study resource to lift the lid on mental health

Livability – the disability charity that connects people to their communities – has launched ‘Lifting the Lid’ today. ‘Lifting the lid’ is intended to help churches engage with the mental health challenges faced by those in their communities. It’s a free Bible study resource to help explore the topics of emotional and mental well-being. It …

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Lifting the lid on mental health: A call to build churches that listen

One in four of us will live with mental ill health. Churches can be key spaces to develop understanding and a helpful response. Corin Pilling explores why it’s essential to build churches that listen and lift the lid on mental health.

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Joining hands: the importance of mutuality in mission

Real partnership inevitably changes what we do and how we do it. Anna Ruddick, Livability’s Community Engagement Associate, looks at what happens when we truly open ourselves up to building real, deep, give-and-receive relationships with the people of our communities. She believes that part of God’s mission for our community is the change he wants to bring about in us. The question is – are we up for it?

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How can you be ‘Christmas present’? Letting go of the ‘perfect Christmas’ and embracing the chaos

Christmas is busy and stressful and for anyone involved with their community and feeling the additional pressures many experience at this time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Corin Pilling, Livability’s Assistant Director of Communications, shares his own experience and recommends being realistic, acknowledging the challenges and finding a healthy way to live with the chaos. He offers two practical contemplative tools that might help us discover that whoever we are, God is truly with us, as we celebrate the incarnation.

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Preaching at Greenbelt – Becky’s message

15-year-old Becky Tyler impacted thousands of lives when she preached at arts, faith and activism festival Greenbelt earlier this year. Becky, who uses an electronic talker to communicate, took part in a uniquely accessible and inclusive communion service that welcomed over 6,500 people, supported by Livability. We speak to Becky and her mum Fiona about …

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