Jubilee jamboree

The Livability community has been getting Jubilee-ready for weeks. Now it’s arrived – our Big Jubilee Lunch event is happening in all sorts of creative ways in our services around the UK. A great turnout will see 26 Livability services take part on or around the Jubilee weekend and we are giving you a glimpse of some of the fun…

Livability Holton Lee

It’s going to be a packed few days at Livability Holton Lee, our wellbeing discovery centre near Poole, where people we support have already spent a day making bunting and individual Platinum Jubilee wooden plaques. This centre, which provides an inclusive and supportive community for people with a range of disabilities and needs, is set in expansive countryside. Creative arts, including pyrography used for making the plaques, is just one of the activities available, along with gardening, ecotherapy and bird watching. To celebrate the Jubilee, the Flourish crew will use natural materials available at the site to create unique ‘land art’, in and around the site. Flourish team leader Anna explains: ‘We will look at some photos of the queen in her different roles and using natural resources that we find in the woods, the group will create the queen’s portrait.’

Everything will culminate with a garden Jubilee afternoon tea, created by people at Flourish to sit down together and enjoy, as well as admiring their artistic creations. ‘I hope that this mindful activity in a natural environment will enable participants to gain awareness and reflect on why we are celebrating the Jubilee in a creative way and initiate a discussion about the role of the queen,’ Anna says.

Livability Aberystwyth

People at our Aberystwyth service, which provides residential care, independent living and a day service, have been dreaming of royal revels for months. Enabling Support Worker Sarah Hughes has masterminded the ‘Jubilee Street Party’ event, with tireless help from the people supported by this service. Resident Paul helped Sarah deliver 600 or so flyers in the local area. ‘I’ve been selling raffle tickets too with Sarah,’ he says. ‘We made lots of money – £600!’ Friends and family are all invited.

John, a person we support, is a keen baker and is excited about his contribution to the weekend. ‘We’ve tided up the grounds and I’ve planned what cakes I’m going to make. I’m going to make a chocolate cake to sell. I’m looking forward to looking smart in my best suit and selling cakes.’ As well as delicious cakes, the day will feature an appearance from the local fire service, rally cars, a disco, tombola and raffle – and Sarah appearing as the queen, resplendent in crown, wig and cloak. With regard to the real queen, the people we support are fans. Ailsa thinks the queen is ‘very beautiful, has nice necklaces and dresses smart’, while John appreciates the fact that she ‘smiles a lot and is happy’.

Livability Icanho

Over in Suffolk, Icanho’s current clients and their families are invited to Jubilee-themed online workshops, featuring movement and singing. Icanho is a specialist rehabilitation centre for adults with acquired brain injury. Provided by the Come and Sing Company, the free sessions will be accessible to all abilities and mobility levels, with the chance to sing tunes from throughout the Queen’s reign in the morning and join a movement afternoon session inspired by royal music.

This is a new venture for Icanho; workshop director Ellie Bowers-Jolley explains more: ‘Music and movement release specific ‘happy’ endorphins that can brighten the mood and outlook. We hope Livability clients will enjoy two relaxed sessions, designed with multi-level participation and enjoyment in mind. We often find participants return for more workshops or feel inspired to investigate creative paths. Music and movement have such amazing effects on the body and mind and is all inclusive, so involvement on any level is a great thing.’

Livability Kenway Court

A Jubilee barbeque is the celebration of choice for the people we support at Livability Kenway Court, in Southend-on-Sea. Painting bunting and making hats has been a popular activity in the lead-up to the Jubilee, with staff staying on in their own time to help put up decorations. Kenway is home to 17 residents, all of whom bar one are wheelchair users. ‘We’re celebrating on Friday 3 June,’ says Kenway’s clinical service delivery lead Margaret Cox. ‘We’re having old-time music, again the choice of our residents, and around 40 friends, family members and residents, as well as staff. We’re looking forward to a big celebration!’


Here’s a full list of what and when is taking place around our services…

Aberystwyth, 4 June are holding a Jubilee event to raise money for the people we support there. They have local press coverage, local fire services volunteering and many more groups from the town.

Anvil House, 4 June are hosting a tea party for the residents

Ashley Place, 5 June are having a BBQ / tea party where a local baker has kindly donated a ‘rather large’ cake!

Beaumont Court, tbc are having a party

Brackley, 31 May are having a street party

Bradbury Court, 1 June a high tea party is the theme at Bradbury. With lots of fancy dress and themed royal food

Brookside House, 3 June are having a summer garden party

Chelmsford, St Giles, 5 June are attempting a world record of the longest continuous line of bunting – 12 miles!! They have been working non-stop to create bunting with people we support, friends, family and locals from the town. The challenge will be extended until the end of June in the hopes that they can break the record.

Conwy are hosting a garden party

Hallgate are hosting a garden party

Holton Lee / Flourish, 30 May – 1 June activities and workshops will be taking place across those days with people we support creating bunting, Jubilee wooden plaques and some land art in the nearby forestry.

Icanho are hosting virtual activities for clients and their families that feature singing and movement inspired by the queen and royal music.

John Grooms Court are having afternoon tea

Kenway Court, 3 June will be putting on a BBQ for the people we support. Painting bunting and making hats has been popular in the build up to the Jubilee weekend

Lisburn, 4 June are having a BBQ for its residents

Nash College, 8 June will be having a Jubilee lunch

New Court Place are having afternoon tea

North East, 1 June there will be a party and a ‘Great British Scone Off’ baking challenge

Northdown & Ards, 3 June are getting into the summer spirit with a a tea party and carnival games

Ramsey Court, are having afternoon tea

Talbot Manor, 5 June are having a summer BBQ

Treetops, 2 June will be having a garden party

York House, 4 June will be hosting afternoon tea and a garden party


View the amazing pictures sent in from our services across the United Kingdom. Tea parties, BBQ, a queen and more!