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Martyn joined Livability in July 2013 as Business Intelligence Development Manager. Since then, he has transformed the way information is gathered and analysed through the charity. Working hard to create a range of data solutions, he has developed the tools that enable more informed and better decisions to be made about how the organisation as a whole is run. Martyn has just won recognition in Livability’s The Princess Royal Awards for staff and volunteers.

‘Martyn is unusual in IT that he is able to analyse complex data yet effectively communicate solutions to a wide range of employees,’ says Head of Business Systems, Angelika Czoch. ‘In addition, when the Prospects charity joined the organisation, he was instrumental in the successful integration of their systems with ours.’

Pat Kirby, Head Learning and Engagement, agrees: ‘Martyn and his team have been crucial in helping to make our systems more efficient and accurate,’ she says. ‘His technical knowledge and his willingness to work through a difficult task has revolutionized the way my team is able to handle and disseminate crucial information,’ she says.

Martyn is able to analyse complex data yet effectively communicate solutions to a wide range of employees

‘Martyn is always looking to provide the best solutions for the business,’ Angelika adds. ‘He has always been very supportive when working with clients, to understand their requirements and ensuring that any solution meets their requirements.’

Everyone agrees that, not only is Martyn an expert in his field, he is also a real team player, as Pat explains: ‘Working with Martyn is a joy! He has a laid back approach to life and is always willing to help, which takes the stress out of many difficult situations.’ Programme Manager, Lesley Feris, agrees. ‘Martyn is always approachable, attentive and willing to work with you to provide the best outcomes. He is a highly valued member of his team and of the charity as a whole.’