From flower arranging to cookery - it all adds up! Alison's volunteering story

Livability Home;

A change in her working life gave Alison time to think about volunteering with Livability. In our final blog for volunteerig week, she tells us how she felt about working with disabled adults for the first time.

Why did you start thinking about volunteering?

I’d worked in Argos for 12 years but had back surgery which meant I couldn’t lift things. I’d worked with one of my sons for a while but I felt I had spare time and wanted something to do.

How did you get in touch with Livability Netteswell Rectory?

My son Michael works here and I think he asked if I would like to volunteer. I’d never done anything in a care context before, but I came in and had a look around. I’m used to working with children’s groups and my grandchildren, but not with adults.

What did you think?

It was lovely and homely – a really nice atmosphere. They made me very welcome. I’m quite a shy person but I thought I’d try it so I did a short training course online, on health and safety, food hygiene, safeguarding – things like that.

How did it go?

I was a bit worried at the beginning because I’m quite a shy person and don’t like asking people questions. One resident has epilepsy and I’d never experienced that with anyone. But there are lots of people here I could ask – I wasn’t on my own and it made me feel confident.

What did you get involved with?

I did a flower arranging session with Roberta who lives here. We went out and she chose flowers to arrange. She enjoyed it and it felt very natural to me when I got going.  I volunteer once a week now and we do a variety of sessions, including cookery.


Are you glad you tried volunteering with Livability?

Yes, I’ve been surprised that I can do it and that I really enjoy it! And it’s lovely to have new company and new faces. I’d encourage others to give it a go.