Everyday Heroism

On March 28th Olympus KeyMed are holding a Superhero Run in aid of Livability. They chose us as their charity of the year for 2014-2015 and have raised thousands of pounds for Livability over the course of the year. We’re very excited about their most recent event.

Ahead of the Superhero Run we want to hear your stories of Everyday Heroism. Obviously, Superhero brings to mind chiselled, lycra-clad, vigilantes. But we believe that people overcome enormous obstacles on a daily basis – without wearing a cape!

Everyday Heroism (Twitter) copy

So we’re sending out the Bat Signal for you to get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter (@LivabilityUK) showing yourself doing just that.

We want photos, videos, comments and stories. We want to hear how you finally opened that jam jar, how against all the odds you made it in to work on time or how you FINALLY made it through the Wire box set!

We also want to hear about the genuinely heroic, stories showing real courage and bravery that might be your own or about someone close to you.

So don your masks, fix your capes and get in touch with your stories of Everyday Heroism.

While you’re at it – why not sign up to the Superhero Run for March 28th in Southend.

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