Queen of Clean Carol and her dream team

Carol has worked at Livability Bradbury Court, our north London residential care home, for 20 years, along with colleague Eddie Botto. She tells us why she makes sure Bradbury Court is spotless and how being inclusive is in her team’s DNA.

‘Alina and I job share, leading the domestic team – that’s Angelina, Gertrude and Maxine, with Eddie on laundry. I’ve got a really great team who have stuck with me for years and done very long service. It’s the residents who motivate me – many have been there since Bradbury Court opened, and they’re lovely. They know when I’m in because it’s always very noisy! And very quiet when I’m not in!

‘I take pride in my job because I like a clean home. It’s what I want at my own home and this is the residents’ home, so I make sure it’s kept really clean and spotless. We do get good reports when we have inspections, and our team won a Princess Royal Livability Award in 2016, which we received from Princess Anne, Livability’s Patron.

‘Eddie knows the laundry inside out – how everything works, or if there’s anything wrong. He has an intellectual disability and is deaf, which means he works best with one or two people who he knows closely. I used to support him in training, and now we usually train online, so his sister supports him in this and I liaise with her and Eddie. I’m slightly dyslexic so for Eddie and myself, computers and emails aren’t great but we are supported to work in other ways. Eddie also does a great job in supporting two of our residents to do their own laundry.

‘Eddie asked me to pass on his feelings about working at Bradbury Court – he said he does his work to the best of his ability. He feels he makes a difference and he enjoys working as part of a team.’

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