Livability launches new Sensory Garden Appeal

Sara, a student at Livability’s Nash College in Kent, takes her first walk of the day through our sensory garden. Surrounded by colourful flowers and leaves, her  face lights up in delight.


For disabled students like Sara, and many visitors, our sensory gardens help stimulate all five senses and provide a unique, life-enhancing experience.

Several times a week Sara has the opportunity to play in and explore  the garden grounds.

There, she can enjoy beautiful plants; herbs to smell and taste; pebbles and bark to touch; and “sound spaces” for listening to tapping bamboo, trickling water and calming wind chimes.

The experience is always fun, interactive and stimulating for her and  she loves all of the varieties of colours, smells, sensations and sounds.

Unfortunately, there are places in the UK where people with disabilities are unable to enjoy our gardens. We’d love these gardens to be accessible to more students and visitors with a wide range of disabilities.

To achieve this, we need to create wheelchair-friendly paths and some raised beds so the entire garden experience can be fully accessible.  We also need an array of garden tools, seeds, plants and watering cans so that our students can get their hands immersed in the soil to find their “green fingers”

A donation to our new Sensory Garden Appeal will help to ensure that we can open our sensory gardens to an even wider range of disabled people this summer.

Click here to support a sensory garden and donate £6 today!