Jesse Norman MP visits Wall Street residential home

Jesse Norman MP visJ Norman MP visit 2ited Wall Street residential home, Hereford, on 24 January 2014 and met with residents, their families and staff.

The MP was invited by Nigel, one of the residents, who really wanted to discuss with him some of his hopes and worries for the future, including the negative effects that funding cuts by the local council have on his and other disabled people’s quality of life.

The MP spent time with residents, their families and staff and familiarised himself with all the activities that take place at Wall Street, from technology to tapestry. He learned more about the care and support the home offers to ten people who have Livability cakesuffered from a varied range of disabling circumstances. He also enjoyed a specially-prepared Livability-branded cake!

Jesse Norman MP listened carefully to residents and staff‘s concerns about local authority funding. The MP also encouraged them to put their feedback and queries in writing to him as a follow up, so that he had all the details he needed to offer them further support.

Wall Street Manager Stephen Nicolson said: “We were delighted to welcome Jesse Norman MP at Wall Street. We really appreciate that he took time to get to know our residents and to learn more about the facilities that we provide. He listeJ Norman MP visitned carefully to our concerns about funding cuts and the effect they have on our work and on our residents’ welfare.

We are currently funded through Herefordshire council who have some extreme difficulties making the necessary budget cuts whilst trying to maintain essential services. It is crucial for us to gain the support of our MP for our campaign to see our residents, and other disabled people in the area, receive the level of care and services they need to be able to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Some of our residents have lived here for over 20 years and we J Norman MP visit 4don’t want the local authority to jeopardise their future by not funding the care of disabled people adequately.”

Wall Street resident Nigel who invited the MP, said: “It was great that our local MP took the time to come and visit us, and offer his support in keeping my home of 12 years, I feel confident he will make things happen.”

Wall Street is run by national disability charity Livability. Its location gives unparalleled access for disabled people to the local community, services and amenities that are so vital for them to lead as normal a life as possible whilst its staff help to enable, re-able, or purely maintain their life skills, health and wellbeing for them to achieve as much independence as possible for each individual.