Going the extra mile for people we support

Whether it is securing funding for new technology and wheelchair-friendly garden furniture, or organising a plethora of activities, our enabling staff teams are going the extra mile to support the people in our care. Here’s what just a couple of our care homes have been getting up to …

Livability Talbot Manor

After seeing an ad in the local paper, service delivery lead Tracy used her initiative to kickstart the application for a local trust’s funding – which resulted in a grant of £10,000 awarded to the residential care home in Bournemouth.

The Talbot Village Trust donated £10,000 to Livability Talbot Manor, to support those living at the care home during lockdown. Items purchased included garden furniture for disabled users, a marquee, 12 Amazon Alexa electronic devices and funds to fix paving slabs in their garden damaged during storm Ciara, which will now allow wheelchair users to use the area.

The grant enabled the service to buy an Alexa for each person who lives at the care home, with a screen for added visual benefits and accessibility. People we support can now ask Alexa for the weather, ask questions and even see pictures of their families with ease, accessible for those with a range of disabilities. This new technology has helped keep everyone connected with video calls and more. Magdalena, service delivery lead for Talbot Manor, added: ‘We even have an Alexa in the communal dining room, where people we support can play their favourite songs, which they love.’

The team at Talbot Manor wants to commend Tracy for her efforts and going the extra mile, to help provide Talbot’s residents with equipment and furniture which is making a world of difference.


Livability Treetops

At Livability Treetops, staff member Liz goes and above and beyond to collect a food donation from FareShare each week, delivering this to the care home outside her normal working hours.

During lockdown, Treetops’ activity coordinators Lee and Sue managed to get funds to purchase a trampoline, as many of the people we support here used to attend local “Bounceability” sessions, which they loved. Due to the pandemic they have not been able to go, so we now have our own. ‘The people we support love it and we have even had a new person move into the home join in who has said he absolutely loved it and wished he had moved here years ago,’ says Mandy, Livability Treetops Area Manager.

The care home is keeping the people we support stimulated and busy with a range of other activities, including a local cake competition sponsored by Colchester Anti Loo Roll Brigade, Tesco Fans Network and Colchester Borough Council, baby photo guessing games, group cooking and even a video call with an Elvis impersonator, which has created lots of excitement.

Mandy the service manager at Livability Treetops, noted: ‘People we support seem to want to do more group activity at the moment, such as karaoke, playing ball games, always maintaining social distance of course. We want to help counter any feelings of social isolation they might have.’

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