Livability’s Lifestyle Choices service featured in Communities of Care programme

A programme looking at the changing landscape of the care sector has highlighted Livability’s services as a solution to many of the challenges the sector is facing.

The programme is introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and looks at the changing landscape of care

‘Communities of Care’ is a three-part series created by ITN Productions and NHS Alliance and looks at how the NHS is meeting the challenge of tightened budgets, rising costs and stretched resources.

Livability Lifestyle Choices East Midlands is featured as a solution to the changing landscape of care that can provide a broad offering for people within their own community.

The programme, introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, looks at the efforts being taken in the sector to create a responsive and responsible system, as well as policies affecting primary care and initiatives to support the future of a proactive and preventative system.

The programme was screened at a NHS Alliance farewell event to celebrate their chairman Dr Michael Dixon as he steps down after 18 years in the post.

High profile guests from the NHS and Department of Health attended the event was compered by Dr Philip Hammond.

Livability Chair of Trustees Caroline Armitage said:

‘The health and social care model is changing to a community-based model providing support for people to stay in the community, wherever possible.

‘Our partnerships with different agencies is a key part of what we can do as Livability. We are rooted in our community so we understand the local context so our volunteers, our workers know where the best things are for people in their area and can provide that pathway for people to be part of their local community.’

VIDEO: Communities of Care focuses on Livability

Service manager of Lifestlye Choice East Midlands Mandy Himpson spoke on the programme:

‘Livability is all about connecting people to their communities and enriching their lives.

‘To make community livable, we need to look at the holistic needs of the individual including their health, wellbeing, physical and spiritual needs; everything that’s important to you and me.’

Dave Webber, Chief Executive Officer at Livability said:

‘We’re pleased that our work will be featured at this important event for the NHS Alliance. Increasingly, the UK is seeing a greater fusion and localization of health and social care services. This changing landscape of health and social care is providing far more scope for communities to draw on the talents and assets to engage with need in their locality.

‘At Livability, we’re continually developing ways in which we can develop services that draw in local people, partnerships and services, so that we can enable people to be supported within their own community and enjoy a more livable life. Our Lifestyle Choices service in the East Midlands is just one of the ways we’re working to do this – and we have bold and ambitious plans to develop more work of this nature.’

Communities of Care’ is a three-part series exploring the renewed focus on empowering individuals to manage their health within their communities, and how that’s reflected across the country. Join in the conversation on social media using #CommunitiesOfCare15.