Celebrating 2022 with Livability

Join us for a look at this year’s highlights across our community, including new beginnings, cake-making excellence and our royal connection. We hope you feel as proud as we do of everything the Livability community has achieved this year, the most important being providing the best possible care for those we serve.

What’s new?

This was a very special year for Livability Education, with the opening of Livability Millie College in Dorset, our latest Further Education centre for young people with disabilities, aged 16-25.

This exciting new venture will support lifelong learning, provide high-quality education and enable young people to live independent lives. The enterprise curriculum will connect students with work and volunteering opportunities that suit their gifts and aspirations. Outdoor learning is a big part of education at Holton Lee, with horticulture, animal husbandry, cookery and environmental studies. Staff member Annabelle Pearsall reported that ‘students are enjoying being at Millie so much, some of them don’t want to go home on a Friday!’ You can find out more here > News: Introducing Livability Millie College

What’s your life sum?

At Livability, we use the concept of a ‘life sum’ to describe our approach to social care: a bunch of things, big and small, that added together give individuals a sense of wellbeing. Our staff enable each person to create and live that life sum. Several of the people we support worked with us on a life sum campaign, talking about the positive – and negative – things that make up their life.

Ashley included bees and baking in his sum: bees because he’s worked with bees since he was a little boy, and baking because it’s one of his creative outlets, including producing fancy celebration cakes. Visit > ‘Ashley’s life sum’ to find out more about Ashley and others’ life sums – and how you can create your own life sum for better wellbeing.

We couldn’t do it without you

Our generous volunteers, donors and supporters have made 2022 a wonderful year for celebration and provision of exciting new resources for many of our services. Fundraising’s Lisa Hemsley describes it as ‘the year of technology’, with our supporters enabling us to roll out upgraded wi-fi, smart tech, including Alexa devices and digital tables, at many of our services. Tech like this makes a significant difference to the people with disabilities we support, enabling them to live more independently, connect with others more easily and access learning and entertainment they enjoy. Read more > ‘Communication is key’


2022 service snapshot…


We can’t finish our round-up with a mention of a very special afternoon tea in the company of our patron HRH The Princess Royal, held at the historic Drapers’ Hall in the City of London, with nearly 200 guests.

The event was held to thank all who had contributed to keeping Livability’s services safe and happy during Covid, and Princess Anne commended staff and people we support for their sacrifices, resilience and outstanding care track record during the pandemic. Disabled people who are part of the charity’s Changes for the Future Forum spoke about their life experience and had the opportunity to meet Princess Anne. More on this glamorous event >

Lastly in 2022 – we were delighted by very positive reports from government social care inspectors on several of Livability care homes, including Livability Marion House in Bournemouth, Livability Somerset and Livability St Giles, Chelmsford. Well done to everyone who makes each of those homes a very special, safe and enabling place to live.


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