Games turn B-O-R-E-D into B-O-A-R-D

People who live at Livability Ashley Place aren’t used to being stuck indoors. They usually get out and about as much as possible so the coronavirus lockdown found people feeling rather stuck for more things to do at home. Car insurance business Lexis Nexis Risk (LNR) stepped into the breach with a thoughtful offer: would people at Ashley Place like some new board games to keep them busy? The answer was – yes please! LNR asked for a list of games to buy, so residents chose their favourites and the games turned up a few days later.

‘It’s so hard for people at the moment, and we wanted to do our bit to help vulnerable people,’ says LNR’s Michelle Reader, who is sister-in-law to Ashley Place’s deputy manager, Tammy Pye. ‘It’s especially difficult for disabled people who can’t fully understand what’s going on. We just wanted to give people some fun things to do.’

As the long weekend dawns, the games are getting good use, with indoor games such as Pop-up Pirates, Hungry Hippos and Uno, and garden games including a giant snakes and ladders set and an outdoor Connect 4.

‘I chose Hungry Hippos,’ says Duncan. ‘It’s fast – I can press the button by myself as they are big.’ Alice is fond of Uno: ‘I chose Uno. I play this with my family at my mum’s home and this reminds me of my visits home.’

Playing outdoors in the garden courtyard is Chris’ favourite: ‘I like the giant snakes and letters. It’s a big board and we can all go around it safely and see the board in our wheelchairs. It has a big dice that we can throw independently.’

If anyone gets bored with boardgames, the Ashley Place household will be celebrating VE Day too this weekend, with residents making bunting and baking cakes. ‘We’ll be having a high tea in the community space, socially distancing of course!’ says deputy manager Tammy.


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