Support disabled children petition

The Children’s Society has launched an e-petition as part of their campaign to reverse plans to cut support by up to £27 per week for 100,000 disabled children.

Livability is one of the 28 charities who have pledged their support to the initiative. The e-petition can be accessed at:

Disabled children petition image

The Children’s Society states that following the introduction of the government’s new ”Universal Credit” welfare system, many families with disabled children will face a cut to the financial support they receive.

The new system will result in these families losing up to £1400 per year (£27 per week) compared to the current system – by the time a disabled child reaches 16, this could cost the family £22,000.

Because the support is means tested the poorest families could stand to lose the most. The Government estimates that 100,000 disabled children would lose out under this change.