Be like a Womble and pass on something wonderful!


This September, Livability has teamed up with over 200 charities to raise awareness of passing on something wonderful, by leaving a gift in your Will to charity as part of the annual Remember a Charity Week campaign. This year’s campaign is one with a difference- it features none other than the Wombles! I’m sure you’ll agree the Wombles are ideal partners to promote gifts in Wills due to their values – the way they support each other and the wider community, and for their unfailing commitment to look after the world we live in.

Watch this year’s campaign video and find out why the Wombles are leaving a gift in their Will to charity.

For over 170 years, Livability have been supporting people with disabilites to live their lives to the fullest and, we’re incredibly grateful to all our supporters who have chosen to support us through a gift in their Will.  With nearly half of our voluntary income coming from supporters who have chosen to leave a gift in their Will, these gifts are vital for our work to continue supporting the people with disabilities we care for in the years to come. People like Elisa.

Meet Elisa

Elisa is seven years old and is a student at Livability Victoria School in Dorset. Elisa has cerebral palsy, which severely affects her ability to control her muscles, move and walk. Diagnosed at one and a half years old, Elisa’s parents couldn’t imagine what her future held. Her mum Mayu told us ‘First, I was really focused on things that she can’t do. She can’t sit up; she can’t run around in the garden, she can’t play with her sister…’

However, as a result of the support she received at Victoria School, things started to look much different. Her mum shared just how much has changed, ‘Where do I start? She’s got best friends, which is again, something that obviously as a parent I worry about; will she have friends? She does. She’s going on a bicycle. I mean, think about a child who can’t walk, who can’t sit without support, but she’s riding a bike!’

Elisa’s Dad, Dan then went on to add: ‘I think that people should support Livability because it’s a charity that enriches the lives of children that don’t necessarily have mainstream opportunities in life.’

Pass on something wonderful to children like Elisa

By leaving a gift in your Will you can create similar opportunities for future generations of children like Elisa. Livability supporter, Julia Brooker, is a retired Occupational Therapist and has witnessed first hand the difference specialised care and support can make to the lives of disabled people and their families. Julia told us why she chose to remember Livability with a gift in her Will, ‘We wanted to leave things to the next generation. I wanted to continue the promise I made to my profession to care for the children of the future.’

To find out more about how gifts in Wills are helping us to create opportunities for future generations of children with disabilities like Elisa or to find out more about our Free Will Scheme contact our Legacy Manager, Michelle Carrillo, via

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