Livability reacts to ‘bedroom tax’ court ruling

law-lgOn Friday (21/02/2014) it was reported that the spare room subsidy, or ‘bedroom tax’, had again been declared lawful by the court of appeal despite the efforts of five disabled tenants to get the tax and the £500 a week benefits cap overturned.

This ruling comes at the end of a week of debate on the government’s welfare changes, at the centre of which was the Catholic Church and the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols who also criticised the reforms.

Kemi Bamgbose, Campaigns Coordinator at Livability, told Premier Radio’s News Hour that she felt that welfare reform was “an issue that I would like to see the Church speak out on more” because “it is part of the Church’s mission to be the voice of the voiceless: to be the support for…the needy”.

The disabled tenants concerned are currently seeking advice on whether the case can be taken to the Supreme Court.