Debbie's life sum

At Livability, we’ve learned that a sense of wellbeing comes from a bunch of things that are added together. We call this a ‘life sum’ and Debbie, who is supported by a Livability service, talks us through hers.

What makes up your life sum, Debbie?

+ Faith

The reason I go to church is that I was born into a Christian family and in church we learn about God and Jesus. I had three operations on both my feet, in different hospitals, and Jesus came to me and I felt peaceful. I go to church on Sunday evenings and I’ve got close friends of my family who go there too. There’s a lady called Katherine at church, and she and I go to the café and have a coffee; I bring my bible and we do a Bible study.

– Bullying

Basically I’ve been bullied all my life, first at my primary school and that did really upset me. I had a best friend called Peter, we went to the same first school and it was him that got me away from the bullies. I was involved with everything in school but I was bullied at secondary school. If someone bullies you, it feels like you’re not part of the school and for me, it felt like I’d let myself down. None of my friends wanted to sit next to me at lunchtime so I felt really left out.

+ Friends

I’ve got so many friends here where I live. Louise is my housemate, we get on really well – we’ve got the same disability, and we interact with each other. Stacey’s been a real pleasure to be best friends with and we went on our own to see Strictly Come Dancing. For my 40th, I saw my best friend Lucy for the first time in years. It was so nice to be able to see her in person and hug her. We talked, told jokes and just giggled the whole time.  I’m also a member of the team at our local McDonald’s and I got Employee of the Month! It feels really good to have a paid job.

I love living here and it’s given me plenty of peace and new friends. The staff help with cooking and baking so we don’t end up burning the house down!

+ Wellbeing

Thanks to Livability for giving me the opportunity to live independently and a really big thank you for helping me because I’ve got Gemma my keyworker now and she’s been really good.  All the staff have been very supportive and thanks to them and Livability for giving me the opportunity to live with those new friends I’ve made like Stacey.

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