Working with volunteers

With limited budgets and staff, churches and charities rely heavily on volunteers but volunteer management requires time and skill.

Livability has worked with a wide variety of churches and Christian projects for over 20 years and, as a result, has developed training materials based on down-to-earth theology and grounded practice to help you get the best out of your volunteers. This day looks at recent legislation changes as well as dealing with classic communication issues.

Volunteers are involved in many different types of roles such as youth work, mentoring, community work, charity shops, street pastor work and debt advice. This presents challenges to churches and community projects, especially because volunteers have a variety of reasons to get involved. Many people now volunteer as a stepping stone into employment. Others find it hard to commit for any length of time due to paid work and many others are put off by the bureaucracy and paperwork of volunteering. This day will give you skills to address these issues and make your volunteers much happier and more effective.

Questions often asked:

  • Are we really looking after and listening to volunteers?
  • Do we make the most of their potential?
  • Do we avoid dealing with volunteer problems for fear of them leaving?

This day will:

  • Help you understand the motivations driving your volunteers
  • Share a model for volunteer recruitment and management from start to end
  • Give you the ability to deal with tricky issues
  • Explore the opportunities and pitfalls with the localism agenda emerging across local authorities
  • Give you helpful websites and books to continue your learning

This day is for:

  • Those already managing volunteers, whether in a paid or voluntary role
  • Those hoping to recruit volunteers even if in the early days
  • Those who are desperate for more volunteers in order to grow the impact of your work


Working with Volunteers“As the project is just starting up, this will equip us and make us aware of problems before they arise. Very inspiring and thought-provoking training” –Lesley Hyder

“This is the most excellent training that I have been on both in terms of content and presentation style. I am confident that I can take away everything I have learnt and apply it straight away as soon as I pick up my phone to speak to a volunteer today” –Arthur Gwagwa, Feltham Community Chaplaincy Trust

“This is my first course about volunteering and it was just the ticket”

“I valued it all – great balance of listening, sharing, interaction, rest, fun”