Who is my Neighbour?

Who is my neighbour?How to become a transformative presence in your local community.

More and more churches are beginning to ask how to engage more effectively with their local communities. Whether the church meets in a traditional building, school or people’s homes there are both many challenges and opportunities in trying to build meaningful relationships with the broader community. This training programme will tackle issues such as how to take the first steps in community engagement, keeping our Christian faith strong whilst staying engaged in our communities, and how to grow a strong team of volunteers to keep the work going. We will provide down-to-earth practical theology and tools for developing good practice.

The day will….

  • Encourage and give confidence to those who want to relate better to their neighbours and local communities
  • Equip you with basic skills and approaches to help you understand how communities work
  • Give a Biblical foundation to your community engagement
  • Promote the embedding of community engagement into church life, avoiding the bolting on of community projects.
  • Consider what changes might be needed to sustain your community relationship
  • Reflect honestly on the pain and reality of embracing change
  • Leave you with insights, skills and confidence to help you make the most of the opportunities you hadn’t even imagined were there

This is for you if you are passionate about growth in your congregation, want to use your building as a community resource, help people in need or simply share the love of God.

TrainingYour facilitators:

Livability’s community mission team supports churches and Christian projects in making their communities a better place to live. We love helping churches make a difference in their local community. Addressing both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, we equip churches to play their part in the making the community more ‘livable’ for everyone. We provide inspirational training, helpful advice, practical support and good resources, and are dedicated to helping you improve the impact of your community engagement.

Working Together:

We do this training on a longer term basis, with churches or larger organisations.

All training we offer is bespoke according to what is needed by the church or organisation. We run all of our training days centrally according to demand, so please do get in touch if you are interested. However, we often work directly with each church or organisation, so we can best tailor the training to their work. It is either run as a one day event, or over a series of workshops depending on the extent of work requested.