Measuring community impact

This event is to help those involved in community projects to do the following:

  • To better assess whether a project or piece of work is effective or not
  • To better communicate the project’s work with authenticity and clarity to stakeholders (especially funders)

What's your story?Why this is an issue…

At Livability, we believe the church is doing amazing work up and down the country. But we are aware of concern within churches and community projects about how to assess whether a project is successful or not. Funders and statutory agencies often insist churches and projects complete lengthy forms but often these just give a statistical side of the story. Church culture often goes the other way – assessing work through the way it is presented by charismatic individuals who are good at sharing stories and anecdotes. Both of these are important but generally do not give the whole story.


We want to help people who feel…

  • Frustration, anxiety and pressure in completing complex ‘professional’ monitoring reports which focus too much on outputs and numbers
  • That their project might be drifting – where there is a need to review whether they are being effective at what they want to do
  • the need for confidence within the Christian project they are involved in – to strengthen their belief in the quality and effectiveness of what they are doing

Tape measure

This day will help you…

  • Assess and measure whether your community project is being as effective as it could be
  • Communicate more effectively and authentically the success of your project to stakeholders and funders
  • Grow in confidence about the overall effectiveness of your community work

We will…

  • Use a wide range of interactive exercises to help you reflect on your work
  • Use practical assessment tools that you can use after the training day with your project staff and volunteers
  • Ensure that the day is fun, focused and dynamic and will help your community work be as effective as possible