Everybody welcome

Too often, disabled people are missing from our churches, resulting in the family of the church being less rich and diverse.

Livability believes that churches have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to ensure that their mission with and to their local communities is inclusive to disabled people. Just as Christ reached out to the marginalised and hidden, we as his followers also need to remove the social, physical and spiritual barriers encountered by many disabled people of all ages today.

We long to see churches with:

  • Accessible places – where buildings don’t stop people from getting involved
  • Inclusive programmes – where everyone can play their part and use their gifts
  • Welcoming communities – where everyone is welcome and can build community life together

We can carry out various different audits, examples of some of these are:

  • A survey – an overview of who in the congregation is disabled and what their needs are
  • A family audit – for parents with children with additional needs – what is their experience of care?
  • Team audits – discovering what training would help your team to be fully inclusive to those with disabilities
  • Building audits – how accessible is your building?

Much of our feedback from churches is that they get more involved in disability awareness when a member of the congregation has a child with additional needs. We therefore do training specifically for those working with children within church.

We also do work with the wider church, looking at making the whole church inclusive, as well as smaller teams within the whole.

All training we offer is bespoke according to what is needed by the church or organisation. We run all of our training days centrally according to demand, so please do get in touch if you are interested. However, we often work directly with each church or organisation, so we can best tailor the training to their work. It is either run as a one day event, or over a series of workshops depending on the extent of work requested.