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Blade runner joins the Livability Marathon team

March 31 2017


Lauren is one of the 177 runners joining Team Livability at this year’s London Marathon. A blade runner – Lauren shared her passion for running, how her training is going and why she has chosen to support Livability.

Running the London Marathon has always been on Lauren’s bucket list. ‘It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I think it’s important with a disability to prove that you can still do what able bodied people can do, no matter how big the challenge.

‘I ran 3 half marathons last year and was lucky enough to be fitted with a running blade in summer, so decided next year was the right time for the big one.’

Livability is Lauren’s charity of choice for the marathon this year. She says ‘I consider myself disabled but am blessed to be able to run, so Livability supports a cause close to my heart – supporting those who are less able.’

As with many of the people running the London Marathon this year, training is arduous and challenging. Lauren says: I’m finding it very challenging so far and have been back and forth to my prosthetist for regular adjustments. Earlier this year I came home for a run and took off my leg for a shower. I then slipped over and landed on the stump and fractured it! Spent 2 months on crutches unable to walk, let alone continue running.

Despite such setbacks, Lauren has remained determined to complete her challenge. Of her aims for her time on the day she says: ‘I would be happy just to finish it, preferably before they re-open the roads on Monday morning! But no seriously, about 6 hours.’

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