Why we’re here

Right now, in our society, people are experiencing ‘barriers’ in their lives and communities. Health and quality of life are being limited due to physical, economic or social obstacles.

From cuts to disability and social benefits, lack of awareness for disability and mental illness, homelessness, unemployment, or an increasing need for food banks, the barriers are obvious.

Livability wants to tackle these things head on. Through our solid service base and front line community work around the UK, we see first hand how many vulnerable people in today’s society need our support.

People shouldn’t just exist or survive.
They should thrive.
  • Why it matters: Overcoming barriers

    At Livability, we believe that communities should be places of inclusion. Everyone has the right to a full and independent life. People shouldn’t just exist or survive – they should thrive.

    That’s why we work to tackle barriers in people’s lives and support the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of all we meet.

    The needs of individuals or communities in our society can be complex – but when a network works together and cares for the whole person, much can be done to improve wellbeing and quality of life.

  • How we do it: Being an enabling network

    With expertise in disability service delivery and grass roots community engagement work, we have a strong presence in a number of UK communities and internationally.

    Wherever we create a service, we seek to create partnership work with other local agencies or churches. By drawing people and resources together, we believe the service is stronger.

    We always aim to enhance what’s important and special in a place and person. Focusing on the strengths in people’s lives and growing opportunities for community.