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A stronger economy must mean a stronger community as well

February 6 2015

In a recent talk, The Archbishop of Canterbury and Livability President, Justin Welby, has criticised tax avoidance in the corporate sector and emphasised the importance of ‘paying what’s due’.

The talk, given at an event entitled The Good Economy and organised by the All-Party-Parliamentary Group for Inclusive Growth, addressed issues surrounding the lack of fairness in a market economy. Whilst admitting that ‘The market is an extraordinarily efficient mechanism of distribution’, The Archbishop also said that it ‘cannot create or sustain the shared morality needed to ensure that it works carefully and lovingly at every level.’

The Archbishop pressed home the importance of an economy working for a greater social good. He referred to his essay in the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu’s, recent book On Rock or Sand? in stating that ‘solidarity…is about reimaging our economic landscape so that no one is left out or left behind. It is concerned with how we value people and communities.’
These views greatly resonate with those of Livability. We too strive to help improve and maintain bonds within communities and believe that this in turn ensures that nobody is neglected. This belief is borne out in our nationwide work in helping disabled people to gain independence, and in the work of our Community Engagement Team in helping to equip churches to be accessible and open to all.


For more on the community work done by Livability, click here.

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